2 Teens Take Stage To Sing But When Girl Opens Her Mouth To Start Boy Stupefied By Her Voice

With big-time singing competitions like X Factor, The Voice, and Britain’s Got Talent, we tend to forget that talent can also come from small-time groups and places. The winner of these talent contests get fame and fortune, but let’s not forget that talent can be found in unlikely places, and that they, too, are worth celebrating.

Two members of a choir from Ireland surprised the audience when they performed a lung-busting song during a Christmas concert. The video was posted online, and it wasn’t just the duo’s performance that went viral. It was the reaction of one of the singers to his partner’s voice!

One Sunday, during a Christmas concert, the Mount Sion Choir in Waterford city performed a song. It wasn’t even your run-of-the-mill Christmas song. It was “Shallow,” a song from the movie “A Star Is Born.” The song, a duet originally by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, isn’t easy to sing — especially if you don’t have the lung capacity and the powerful vocals to back it up.

Jessica Reinl and Christopher Halligan were doing the duet. Although still young, the two have sung together in the choir before, but this was different. Chris started the song, and his deep and strong voice echoed in the room. The piano accompaniment lent the performance a more solemn and romantic air.

Then, it was Jess’ turn to sing. She had the voice of a full-fledged woman, strong and solid. Chris kept glancing at her, while preparing for his part. Then, she started belting out the notes. Chris’ reaction was unforgettable! Despite being in the choir together, it was like he was listening to her for the first time in his life.

A smile burst on his face, and even the choir members behind them couldn’t help looking at each other in amazement. Chris looked restless. It could have been from being nervous or from being amazed at Jess’ talent.

The two of their voices then harmonized before Jess began an unbelievable solo where she showed off her belting prowess. She sang it like it was just a normal day for her, like she wasn’t singing at the top of her lungs. A video of their performance was uploaded on December 2018, which garnered a million views. Now, it has over 23 million views on Facebook.

The choir certainly gained a lot of followers and fans that day. They will be happy to know that the Mount Sion Choir will be releasing a single with the help of Irish singer-songwriter Don Mescall this year. It will be for the benefit of The Solas Centre in Waterford, Can Teen, and Can Care 4 Living.

In the end, while Jessica’s voice was astounding, it was Christopher’s reaction that made the performance feel more stunning and awe-inspiring.


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