18 Medical Treatments From The Past That Are Horrifying. #18 TOTALLY Creeps Me Out.

As the medical profession grew and developed throughout time, scientists came up with hundreds of absurd ways to treat our ailments. Some were successful, but others, not so much. Below are some of the medical equipment and procedures that were tried and tested throughout the decades. A Redditor shared this eery gallery online.

Thank God the field of medicine has progressed over the years…

I will not sleep tonight after seeing those plague masks. If I were sick and dying of the Bubonic plague, those are the last things I’d EVER want to see.

Source: Reddit

History can be bizarre, why not share it with others.

I’m mad as HELL, and I’m not going to take it anymore!

Horror Stories That Are Only 2 Sentences Long. Good Luck Sleeping Tonight After Watching This!