Woman Makes Dresses For Deceased Premature Babies.

10 hours after birth, Jacki Cohoon’s twin brothers passed away. She is now a seamstress for Angel Gown and helps other families through the same devastating situation.

Cohoon donates hours of her of her day taking apart wedding dresses that have been donated and turns them into clothes for deceased premature babies. Thankfully with today’s modern medicine, most premature babys survive. But sadly, there are approximately 1 million each year who do not.

Cohoon makes these outfits so babies can be laid to rest with dignity.

“There are no clothes for preemies. You can’t buy them,” Cohoon says through tears. “It just makes me feel really good to know that these babies are not in bits of cloths or diapers or things too big for them.”

The Angel Gown program was created in 2013 as part of NICU Helping Hands. It’s helped numerous women like Rebecca Bruce, who lost her child 39 weeks into the pregnancy.

“It just makes you feel good to know that for once as a mom you don’t have to worry about having go out and find the garments, but for two that your little baby is just cloaked in something so beautiful for all of eternity,” Bruce said.

Cohoon got involved with the Angel Gown Program in 2014 and believes this is her “true calling.”

“I do it for my brothers and for my mom,” she says. “I’ll never give it up. I’ll do it forever, as long as I can.”

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