Why’d The Groom Deliver His Best Man’s Speech? The Reason Brought Me To Tears.

Twin brothers Kyle and Korey have been inseparable since birth. When Kyle got married last January, naturally Korey was his best man. Because Korey has cerebral palsy, he was unable to give the groom’s speech, so Kyle read it for him. Within the first 20 seconds, there wasn’t a dry eye in the reception hall!

It was all Kyle could do to keep himself together as he read the first few lines of the speech Korey had written.

All my life I have used my voice to help Korey express his thoughts. So today, like always, I will use my brother’s voice and say his words for him.

Trying his best to hold back the tears, he continues rest of Korey’s speech, which is full of both embarrassing stories and heartfelt memories the 2 brothers have shared over the years. When Kyle shares a sweet “tip” for his new wife Jess, the crowd loses it.

Take it from me…you have a partner for life who will look out you and love you unconditionally.

The best man’s speech ends with everyone dancing to “Sweet Caroline.” This is so beautiful, but you MIGHT want to grab some tissues before you watch!