Vietnam Vet Tearfully Reunites With Soldier Brothers He Thought Were Dead

While serving a tour of Vietnam in 1969, soldier Mike Gude experienced the unimaginable. Gude and his four-man recon unit were gathering enemy intel in the jungles of Vietnam.

By the time the men realized the area was booby-trapped, it was already too late. Gude stepped on a mine that blew off his lower leg.

I heard this big blast – the blast is not sharp. I saw a big black cloud. I thought I fell in a hole,” Gude said. “Two of them saved my life”

However, after he was rescued, Gude never saw his brothers again.

“I didn’t even know if these guys were alive,” Gude explains.

For the last 45 years Mike has often wondered his comrades survived one of the most bloody wars in U.S. history.

That would all change. Through the help of an online message board, Gude was able to locate his lost comrades: Howard Hunt, Grady Fox, and Bob Bodemann. Gude was happy to learn that they were all still alive.

Each of the men spent the next four decades wondering if their brothers had made it out alive. You have to watch the tearful reunion below, it brought tears to my eyes watching veterans Rick and Joe reunite.

The four men of the 173rd Airborne were reunited at the Ontario airport. They all embrace one another and the hugs say it all.

My life is complete, so if it ends today, I had a beautiful life”

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