Traffic Reporter's Brilliant Parody Of 'Let It Go' Has The Internet Rolling In Laughter

Winter weather driving requires a special set of skills, but even the most seasoned driver can wind up in the ditch or, unfortunately, in a serious accident. There’s only oh so many ways driving experts can get the message across that at some point, it just isn’t safe to venture out on the roads when the weather takes a turn for the worse. But one traffic reporter decided to reach out to his viewers in a unique way to try and explain why they shouldn’t be out driving in bad weather.

Bob Herzog is well known for his hilarious antics on the set. Fondly referred to as the “Traffic Man,” he has parodied songs for Cincinnati viewers that they love to listen to. Bob hopes viewers absorb some of the message that he’s trying to get across while simultaneously entertaining them, too. So when winter weather blew in, Bob decided to parody Idina Menzel’s hit song “Let It Go” from the equally amazing Disney hit movie Frozen. Bob’s song was called “Just Don’t Go.”

The Traffic Man starts out with the verse “The snow blows right on the roads over night, not a lane strike to be seen. A town with no transportation – and the info comes from me. Highways are crawling like some slow ants in a line. They won’t all stay in, heaven knows I try…. They can’t stay in, so they must see. Be the traffic man you have to be. The wheels they squeal, spinning the snow. And now they know… Just don’t go!” Bob’s version of “Let it Go” is hilarious AND brilliant! After all, why simply talk about winter safety when you can sing about it in a song? Watch the video below to see the hysterical performance for yourself!

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