Tiny Girl Shuts Her Eyes To Sing Favorite Christmas Song, Brings Tears To All Within 1st Note

Once in a while there comes along a young talent that is startling. That’s the case with precious little Claire Ryan who has captured the hearts of fans everywhere.

At just four years old, Claire shines when she sings, especially when she sings with dad. Ever since dad got out his guitar to sing to Claire, she has taken a special liking to music.

And not only that, but she has a talent for music unmatched by most children her age. Claire has a natural ear for music and a love of performing.

At Christmastime, Claire was not afraid to share a very special message of Christmas, and it is bringing tears to the eyes of listeners.

This little girl’s sweet voice singing “Silent Night” is simply perfect. With innocence and sweetness, Claire sings the text of the Christmas hymn that everyone already holds in their hearts.

Now the love people feel for this hymn is even greater when such a sweet and talented singer brings it to life. There is not much that could keep Claire away from sharing her love of music with people. Claire’s fame has grown rapidly on the internet. Not only has she published original videos of her singing performances, but she has also appeared on national talk shows and The Ellen Show.

Claire’s family must be extremely proud, but they stay humble. They describe Claire as, “Just a four-year-old little girl who loves to sing and make music with her dad.”

That is definitely true! It’s amazing how some impromptu singing with dad can turn into a great talent to share with so many people.

Watch how Claire adorably showcases her solo singing through this Christmas song below!