They Thought Their Fence Was Too Plain – What They Do To Change It Has All The Neighbors Jealous.

If your privacy fence is in need of a fresh, new look, check out these tips to give it a burst of beauty.

Old Purses And Beach Bags Have New Purpose

If your closet is overcrowded with outdated purses and beach bags, you can now give them a new purpose. Simply add several hooks to your fence and hang a variety of colorful bags, and you will enjoy creatively decorated planters adorning your fence.

Paint Cans For A Splash Of Color

To enhance your fence with a beautiful splash of color, try this easy project. Simply gather some cans, peel off the labels, and rinse them out. Then paint them with bright, vibrant colors, and use them as planters. Remember to drill holes in the bottom of the cans, so water can drain.

Shoe Organizers Make Great Garden Holders

Try this nifty idea for creating a garden that is easy to maintain, with the added bonus of decorating your fence — attach a shoe organizer to it! With numerous pockets available, you can plant several types of herbs or vegetables.

Glass Jars Add Sparkle To Your Fence

With the versatility of glass jars, they can enhance your fence in a variety of ways. Simply add a small LED candle, and you have a safe, sparkling lantern. If your prefer, you can fill them with plants, but be careful as you add drainage holes. For a different flair, you can decorate the jars with glass stones.

Hanging Planters For Beauty

For a lovely addition to your backyard, suspend a variety of planters with colorful plants from your fence. You can use several styles and colors, along with a variety of flowers and plants, to maximize the appearance.

Hanging Baskets Bring Elegance

Hanging baskets provide an elegant way to spruce up your fence. All you have to do is install unique hangers at the top of your fence, then add lovely, colorful hanging flower baskets to drape down and add wonderful, bright hues to your yard.

Enhance A Wrought Iron Fence With A Garden

If you own a wrought iron fence, you might want to enhance it, while ensuring that its ornate features are not hindered. A simple way to achieve this is to attach a shallow tray to the fence, then plant a garden of whimsical flowers in the tray.

Drooping Flower Baskets Add Lushness

By attaching drooping flower baskets to your fence, you will create a lush scene that will add a renewed look to your backyard. Because the flowers drape over the baskets, placing several of them on your fence will provide you with a wall of color and beauty to enjoy.

Plant A Vertical Garden For Efficiency

Planting a vertical garden, such as one that is comprised of ivy and succulents, is a wonderful way to cover your fence, while having a space-efficient garden. With its natural beauty, this garden can transform your fence into gorgeous scenery.

Crate Shelves Are Perfect For Plants

A wonderful technique for housing small plants is to create shelves from crates and hang them on your fence. By designing different shapes and sizes for the shelves, you can create a unique new look for your fence.

Free Standing Crate Planters Make A Great Backdrop

When deciding on the best way to landscape the area around your fence, consider building a free standing wall of crate planters that you can place against it. By attaching fruit crates together, you can easily create this masterpiece, and it is a perfect place for a variety of plants, such as flowers and vegetables.

Thin Shelves Create A Unique Look

For fences that have horizontal slats, adding thin shelves both enhances the fence and adds privacy. To create a unique mirror-like look, select matching planters and similar plants.

Take Advantage Of Built In Shelves And Gutters

If you have a particularly tall privacy fence, you can add built in shelves and gutters to enhance the look. Enjoy the multi-level spaces that can be used to house many lovely plants.

Build A Two By Four Gutter To Create A Plant Bed

To create a simple and perfect plant bed, attach a long plank of wood to your fence in a V-shape. This a wonderful and inexpensive way to decorate your fence and dedicate some space for a shallow garden.

Gutters Are Perfect For Gardens

Enjoy an amazing garden in shallow plant beds by painting old gutters and securing them to your fence. For a cascading look, plant succulents and ivy. To enhance the effect, consider placing the gutters at a slight angle on your fence.

Create A Beautiful Scene In Your Backyard

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