This Homeless Man Went From Playing On The Streets, To Playing With Legendary Music Stars.

WoW, talk about an amazing voice for the blues! Doug Seegers, a homeless carpenter living in Tennessee, plays a song he wrote for passer-bys titled “Going Down to the River”. The couple he was playing for, Jill Johnson & Magnus Carlson, were so impressed with him, that they took him to the Cash Cabin Studio and recorded the song with him. As a result of all this, Doug is now a HIT in Sweden! He’s playing festivals, sharing stages with Neil Young and Dwight Yoakam and signing his name on the cover of his just-released debut album, an album that finds him duetting with Country Music Hall of Famer Emmylou Harris.

She called him about a month ago, and said a few nice things about his singing. Country music’s newest international superstar choked out a few words of thanks, then he hung up the phone and wept.

Enjoy his music!

Recording in the studio


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