They Find A Scared Pit Bull On The Freeway. What Happens Next Is Just AMAZING.


When Hope For Paws was called about a stray pitbull wandering on the freeway, a volunteer wasted no time to move in for the rescue. LUCKILY, 2 off duty animal control officers were driving by and were able to assist in the rescue. The dog was extremely frightened, which could have made this rescue end up tragically had he ran off into the fast moving traffic.

After some soothing reassurance, his rescuer was finally able to get him leashed, and carry him to his car. They decided on the name Tyrion for the frightened pooch, and immediately drove him to the vet. Besides being neglected, Tyrion was also suffering from a massive infection from a dog bite to his face and throat, and also had an injured paw.

When Tyrion recovered from his injuries, he taken to Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary where he’s waiting for someone with love for animals adopt him! What an awesome ending to what could have been a tragic story.

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