Their Kids Wouldn’t Stop Texting At Dinner. What She Does To Stop It? Brilliant!

In an effort to reclaim family mealtimes from the ringing of mobile phones and blare of televisions, a food brand has created a rather revolutionary piece of technology.

The ‘Pepper Hacker’ looks like an ordinary pepper grinder from the outside, but actually has technology hidden inside that lets parents turn off Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and even televisions for 30 minutes – all by simply twisting the grinder once.

Richard Stear, the marketing director of Dolmio’s, which created the product, said: “We believe that meals shared with family and friends are often distracted by the very technology that is supposed to bring us closer together, so we’ve created the Dolmio Pepper Hacker to help connect us with the people in front of us.

“The Dolmio Pepper Hacker might not be available to every household yet but we believe that our experiment perfectly shows that once you disconnect from your technology at the dinner table you can really connect as a family.”

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