The Most Bizarre Performance Ever Leaves Simon SPEECHLESS!

I LOVE ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, they always shwocase talented individuals who tend to shock and stun the judges and guests. The following video is from a recent episode, where we’re introduced to Marc MĂ©tral and his dog Ms. Wendy. He announces to the judges and the crowd, “I have a special guest for you,” before bringing Ms. Wendy on stage for her debut. MĂ©tral places his the adorable Ms. Wendy on a pedestal and begins asking her questions, leaving the judges and crowd in complete awe.

It doesn’t take long before the crowd is COMPLETELY blown away with what they’re seeing. MĂ©tral’s routine is like none I’ve ever seen before, but that just adds to the intrigue. I won’t spoil it for you, just watch for yourself, it’s AMAZING!

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