Teenage Duo Beautifully Cover “The Prayer”

There is no shortage for talented children in the world. And in today’s technology, the internet has provided them with a limitless platform to showcase their talent. The teens in the following video are a perfect example. They look like an ordinary teenagers at first, but when they start singing, they’ll take your breath away!

Noelle writes on Youtube that her and her friend Ryland have been singing this duet a lot in the last year, so she thought it was finally time to record a video. The number they perform is the duet “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. The song is a masterpiece; it’s nearly impossible to cover the classic without ruining it. Noelle and Ryland pull it off in beautiful fashion! The song is difficult to cover because it is sung in English as well as Italian, but these teens nail it!

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