Teen Gets Turned Down At Prom Only To Have School In Disbelief With Famous Voice Over Loudspeaker

Anyone who knows Katie Kelzenberg, a senior at the Stillwater High School in Oklahoma, knows that she loves Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. She memorized the lines to most of his movies, followed his wrestling career and thinks he’s a super talented man all around — and the whole world agrees! This love for The Rock is what prompted Katie to do something drastic. She could think of no one better to attend her senior prom with than the A-List superstar. After mustering up all of her courage, Katie penned a letter to Dwayne asking him to be her date. The way he responded was something she’ll remember for the rest of her life…

When she didn’t hear back from Dwayne, Katie assumed he didn’t have the time to respond. It made sense due to his jam-packed Hollywood schedule! But then something interesting happened. It all started when Katie was sitting unknowingly in her classroom one afternoon. Just as they had every day before in that class, the afternoon announcements began to play over the loudspeakers. Katie immediately noticed that, instead of the usual announcer, there was a different voice reverberating around the room.

It was Dwayne! He reached out to the Stillwater High administration and secretly recorded the daily announcements. First, Dwayne greeted the student body and wished them well. Then he turned his attention to Katie! The moment Dwayne mentioned her name, the entire classroom turned around in shock. Was this a dream? While Dwayne admitted he couldn’t attend prom due to scheduling conflicts, he did have something special up his sleeve for Katie! Take a peek at Dwayne’s sweet surprise here. This is the type of behavior we love to see from celebrities! Instead of ignoring his fans, Dwayne takes the extra step to show his appreciation!