Teacher Battling Cancer Gets A Beautiful Surprise.


Gabrielyn Watson has been teaching choir to high school students in Chicago for nearly two decades. The Morgan Park High School music teacher has inspired countless students along the way, most notably Peter Frank, who was a finalist on American Idol. “She’s one of the best vocal teachers I’ve ever met,” Frank remarked when speaking with Kleenex Brand.

Throughout her teaching career, Watson has also struggled with serious health issues. She battled multiple myeloma, a rare form of cancer that can result in anemia and kidney problems, among a number of other complications, according to the American Cancer Society. Now, Inside Edition reports that Watson is in full remission.

When Watson’s former students heard about her battle with cancer, they wanted to show their support. They partnered with Kleenex Brand to surprise the choir teacher. Watson thought she was headed to a meeting, but instead she came face-to-face with Frank, who began to sing “Amazing Grace.” One by one, former students of Watson’s appeared from the halls and began to sing as well.

Overcome with emotion, Watson dropped to the floor in tears. Before long she wiped away the tears of joy and began to sing and dance with her students. Watch the precious moment below.

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