Steve Harvey Gives Inspiring Message To Audience About ‘Jumping’

At the closing of nearly every episode of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey spends a few moments connecting with the audience, telling jokes and just conversing with the people who helped make the show possible.

But at the end of this taping, he felt the need to share a message of hope and faith with the people in the audience, and even though he didn’t know the cameras were still rolling, he still gives a performance the audience won’t soon forget.

If you’re one that feels they haven’t reached their full potential, and for anyone who sees people they know succeeding beyond their wildest imaginations, Steve knows why: it’s because those are the people that made the decision to “jump.”

Steve goes on to say that you have to jump, and even though your parachute might not open immediately, eventually it will. It’s imperative to jump, because if you spend your whole life safely standing on the edge of the cliff of success and never jump?

If you don’t jump, your parachute will never open. You’ll never know what God really has for you.”

Thank goodness the people behind Family Feud kept recording this amazing moment. The powerful message he delivers is a very important one that all boils down to one incredible word: jump. Even if you have a lot going on in your life, you just have to jump “just one time.”

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