Soldier Gives His Life So Others Can Live

A local Army veteran’s last act of heroism was recorded on cell phone video during the final moments of his life.

Staff Sergeant Matthew Whalen recently suffered a massive and sudden stroke.

His family made the tough decision to take him off life support so that his organs would coincidentally be donated to two other military veterans.

As Whalen was wheeled out of his hospital room an impromptu honor guard ceremony took place in the halls of Plaza Fort Worth Medical Center.

Service members current and past stood at attention as doctors and nurses rolled the 35-year-old into an operation room for the organ donation procedure.

His wife Hannah Gradisar can be seen in the video saying her final good bye.

She described that moment saying, “That’s what Matt deserved. He was a four time combat veteran. He was an exceptionally loving dad…that ceremony that they did he deserved that recognition.”

Within the first 24 hours of the video being posted it was seen nearly 4 million times.

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Original video:

We say farewell to Staff Sergeant Matthew James Whalen. In his final act on this Earth, it's only fitting that he gave his life and in return saved two others. And it's almost as if it were meant to be that the two donor recipients happened to be veterans. There is no SOP or protocol for this type of ceremony, but with the help of Matt's wife Hannah, all of his family, the nursing staff, and an Honor Guard we were able to show our love and appreciation in the best way we could. All of you out there scattered throughout our country this close to Christmas can rest assured tonight. Your prayers and kind words these last couple days have carried the Whalen family and the support was truly felt.Hannah wanted this to be posted to Facebook for everyone to see and be part of.Thank you all once again. Funeral arrangements will be pushed out by Hannah at a more appropriate time. Harlow Danger, Matt Whalen, Rafael Machuca, Matt N Stacey Lussi, Felix Garcia, Andrew Lee, Terry Goble, Krystle N Justin Barnes.

Posted by Sean Hatton on Monday, December 21, 2015