Shy Teen Walks Out For Talent Show, Within Seconds Has Entire Crowd On Feet Cheering

You won’t believe it, but Brett Nichols is only a teenager. With dance moves that mirror Michael Jackson almost perfectly, this talented teen has inspired thousands of people with this single performance.
At a high school talent show, Brett Nichols brings moves that seem out of this world when you consider how iconic Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” was. With the spirit of Michael Jackson himself, Brett stuns the crowd and gets them cheering from the minute the music starts playing.

The performance comes together to perfection. This young man has a natural talent for dancing, but it seems as if he puts on this outfit, dances to the beat of the music and embodies the original singer.
And he’s not shy either. His smooth moves look like he wasn’t nervous a bit! The crowd is enraptured with his routine. Brett has such finesse and poise! His choreography is on target and quite impressive for someone so young.

Just wait until Brett breaks out into the moon walk. Maybe it’s the shoes, or maybe he’s just that good. Either way, he nails it! But his moves are just too good not to share! His video has draw hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.
Brett Nichol’s in-person performance was a hit with the crowd and the judges alike. In fact, afterward he won first place! The gym full of new fans couldn’t believe the skills this classmate has!

This initial performance at Pitman High School in Turlock, California, allowed Brett to continue sharing his talent when he made an appearance on NBC, CNN and ABC News’ The View. He has also traveled with Michael Jackson cover bands.
Brett has certainly found his talent! Michael Jackson may be gone, but he is not lost – with people like Brett, the memory seems to go on and on.
This classic song that has remained popular for years has been given a second lease with actors like Brett channeling MJ’s talents. New generations of fans and followers are adoring it, too.

Several of Brett’s moves in this performance draw cheers and squeals from the crowd. The kids cannot believe one of their own classmates has moves like this!
Even the staff members are astounded by Brett’s talent. He has the classic MJ moves down pat!
The side kick … rocking up on his toes … it’s awesome! Brett truly is an incredible dancer!

See this amazing performance below and you will be stunned at how this guy can pull of the classic moves of Michael Jackson! Watch the video below and be prepared to be amazed.

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