Roofers Are Working When Music Comes On. Man In Blue Quickly Brightens Everyone's Day

Andrew Wilcox was helping build a shed next to a home when he just couldn’t help himself. Enrique Iglesias’ song “Bailando” started playing on the radio. He and another roofer were working on the roof on the shed while listening to some tunes. Andrew heard the song playing and couldn’t stop himself from feeling the music. But what he did next has people everywhere laughing out loud.

Andrew just had to get his groove on and stopped working for less than a minute. He started swaying his hips, shaking and boogying to the hit song. He was hilarious to watch! Someone else just had to capture Andrew’s impromptu dance performance on the roof – and then Andrew shared it on YouTube where it’s gone viral. More than one million YouTubers have watched it and several commenters gushed over Andrew’s smooth moves high up above the ground. In fact, one roofing contractor shared that he has his workers stop swinging hammers periodically and take a dance break, too.

Andrew, who is wearing the darker blue shirt, travels between two structures while he dances, completely with choo-choo train arms and swaying hips. He busts out doing the salsa, then executes several hilarious dance moves on the roof. A few of those moves make you wonder if he might slide right off the roof! His one leap is impressive, albeit startling considering he’s on a roof. The heel click and hand stand are particularly impressive. Eventually, his roofing pal just can’t contain himself and joins in on the fun. When he wriggles the tool belt off his hips, it’s a hoot, but then one of his final moves will leave you awestruck. You have to see this comical rooftop dance routine for yourself. This guy’s awfully good! Who says that work has to be boring?


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