Remember Michael Vick’s Atrocious Dogfighting Ring? Well, 7 Years Later… Read This.

In 2007, a pack of dogs were saved from organized dog fighting at NFL player Michael Vick’s home. His dog fighting ring was broke up and he was jailed for his atrocities.
People mistakenly believe that the dogs rescued from his home were not fit to to be adopted, because of their trained killer instincts. That just not the case, and the Best Friends Animal Society agreed. They took in 22 dogs, which became known as “Vicktory Dogs.” They were saved from that terrible place… and found loving, nurturing homes. They found ‘victory’ in love.
Here are these amazing dog’s stories.

Many people believed the dogs were too “damaged” to find proper homes.
1.) Cherry: Cherry used to be a fighter, but now he attends events and assists other abused animals rehabilitate. He was on “Dogtown” and transformed from a trained killer into a loving animal.
Best Friends
2.) Georgia: She surprised her new mom Amy, when she brought her into the home. Amy  wasn’t sure if Georgia would adapt to a loving, nurturing life. Sadly, Georgia passed away in 2013.
 3.) Halle: Peoplee should never give up on rescued dogs just because of their past history. Halle now lives with two adopted dog brothers and constantly loves to play with them. She wags her tail, and loves to “play fight” – all without incident. Her owners say she is a very  loveing dog.
4.) Handsome Dan: Dan  was very skittish and timid when he was first rescued. Now, he is loving and very trusting. He behaves like a gentleman for his human baby sister, who arrived in 2010. Pit bulls are not the fierce animal believe them to be.
5.) Little Red: For 5 years, Little Red was primarily used as a “bait dog.” “Bait” animals are used in the grooming of  fighting skills, and are often mauled in the process. Once Red was rescued, she was slow to recover… but now she is as happy as can be.
 6.) Oliver: When Oliver was brought home with his new family, he was fearless. He was so eager and willing to let his new family love him, even though in his first evaluation said that he was very fearful of people. Oliver loves to jump on his mom Erika’s lap and shower her with kisses.
 7.) Squeaker: Although Squeaker was involved in a vicious dog fighting ring, one would never know it. She now lovingly lives with her family and 6 other dogs, who all get along great together.
8.) Mel: Mel’s new adopted dad, Richard Hunter, was a radio show host in Dallas back in 2007, and reported on Vick’s dog fighting ring and eventually became emotionally connected to the animals. When the opportunity arose to adopt one of the animals, he jumped at the opportunity and went to the Best Friends sanctuary in Utah. Now, Mel and Richard have a happy life together.
 9.) Oscar: Oscar’s new mom, Rachel, didn’t intend to adopt a Vicktory dog, she just wanted a pit bull. She says adopting Oscar was one of the best decisions she made. Not only did she give him a new home, butshe also supports other rescued dogs by interacting with the community.

Please help the ASPCA raise dog fighting awareness by sharing this article. No dogs are “natural killers,” they’re bred that way. Humans teach them those terrible behaviors… and only humans can put an end to it.
Source: Best Friends Animal Society/ (H/T The Bark Post)
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