Principal's Talking When Teachers Storm The Stage, Quickly Becomes Epic Event No One Will Forget

As anyone who has ever been a high school student knows, when the principal is talking you’d rather be doing anything else.

Students at Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio were acutely aware of this feeling when their principal was talking to them before their Homecoming football game. Students were stunned when one of the teachers interrupted the principal at the pep rally and told him to go take a seat.

Bruno Mars won big at the Grammys this year, but he’s been a cultural force long before that. His song “Uptown Funk” could be heard everywhere and it’s iconic line – “Don’t believe me, just watch” – became an internet meme.

But for the teachers at Whitmer High, it was their cue to take the floor at the pep rally for a flash mob dance routine.

It began with just a few teachers busting a move to the catchy pop tune, as students laughed and cheered at the surprise performance. But it had only just begun…

As the song played on, other teachers rushed out onto the floor and joined in the choreographed dance. Soon the Homecoming court, the school resource officers, and even the two furry mascots got in on the fun too!

Most kids these days are too young to remember “Soul Train,” memorable for many reasons – but mostly because of the dance from which the show took its name. Dancers lined up in two columns and then one dancer from each would move down the line showing off their best steps.

One teacher, dressed in athletic wear and a backwards hat stunned the students by doing “the worm,” a dance in which one artfully flops up and down in time to the music. By the end of the song, the gym floor was packed with dancers.

The pep rally was organized by author and Whitmer teacher, Katie Peters, and not only did she put together a great show, she had the presence of mind to ensure it was filmed and posted online.

You can see from the expression on everyone’s faces that they are having a blast dancing at the pep rally, and even the students are having fun. As any parent of a teenager will tell you that when adults try to be “cool” they almost always fail. But, for the teachers at Whitmer High, they own their coolness and have fun doing it.

Watch the amazing performance here!