Pop Singer Leaves Crowd Speechless As She Belts Out "Phantom Of The Opera" Perfectly

Pop stars usually don’t have the vocal range required to pull off anything other than the typical pop songs you hear on the radio. So, when Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls took on Andrew Lloyd Weber’s infamous Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Variety Performance, audience members were wondering if this would be another one of her fabulous pop hits… or a huge miss. But, you might be surprised at what this lady can do!

Pretty much everyone knows what the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ sounds like. Without even trying, the haunting music alone is guaranteed to give its listeners goosebumps. But, when you add beautiful vocals into the mix, the experience goes up a notch! Naturally, most people might think that a pop icon has no business starring in a Broadway musical. But, this musical happens to be a dramatic rock opera, so nothing could be more fitting than having Nicole at the helm!

At the start of the video below, we can see Nicole dressed in a stunning sparkly lace dress. As she steps out onto the stage, the audience is quiet with anticipation. That’s when Nicole surprises all the naysayers and belts out an amazing rendition of this classic! I had no idea she could sing like this! Sure, like a pop star, yes, but not like this! Press the play button on the video below to see Nicole Scherzinger perform ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in all its haunting glory.