Officer Stands In The Corner During Dancer's Performance, Powerful Ending Has People Talking

Many of us often think of the dangers police officers face daily, of the great risk involved in their line of work, and of the tireless hours they commit to protecting our communities and ensuring our safety. However, not all of us always think to show our appreciation for this selfless group of individuals. Tylar Olsen, a young dancer, chose to dedicate one of her dance routines to our “heros in blue” – and her performance was breathtaking!

Tylar starts quietly crouched down in one corner of the stage, with a police officer standing motionless in the other. Paul Harvey’s “Policeman” begins to play as this talented dancer moves ever so eloquently to the powerful words. “What is a policeman? He of all men is at once the most needed and the most wanted…” Harvey then goes on to say, “He must be first to an accident, infallible with a diagnosis, he must be able to start breathing, stop bleeding, tie splints, and above all – make sure the victim goes home without a limp.”

The combination of Tylar’s passion-filled dance moves and Harvey’s inspirational lyrics make for a truly stunning performance. In the final moment, Tylar puts her hand on her chest and looks over her shoulder at the officer standing behind her – what she does next is certain to bring tears to your eyes! Watch below to see the surprise ending to this spectacular routine!