Nurse Adopts Little Boy After He Recovers From Birth Defect

Russian-born Yuri was only two days old when he was given up for adoption. His parents brought abandoned him at an orphanage, never to return. He was born with a rare birth defect known as bladder exstrophy, doctors didn’t think Yuri would live very long.

At the age of 10, Yuri left Russia with the help of a social worker and headed to the United States. He was admitted at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Maryland, where doctors could receive proper care and meet a family who was willing to foster him. But his foster family eventually stopped visiting Yuri in the hospital, it was the nurses who stuck by him like family. He had a special bond with Nurse Pam.

“As the days and the weeks went by, Pam Butler was falling in love with this child and this child was falling in love with Pam Butler,” said Dr. Gearhart, Chief of Pediatric Urology. “And it probably one of the highlights of my career to see this happen.

After Yuri recovered, Pam knew in her heart that she wanted to adopt him and give him a home — but she wasn’t sure what her husband would say. After all, the couple already had two children.

Watch the video below to see as Pam introduces Yuri to her husband. This is such an beautiful story, and gives us proof that good things do happen every day.

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