No One Came To Her Autistic Son’s Birthday, Mom Posted This To Facebook

Glenn Buratti is a student from St. Cloud Florida. For this sixth birthday, he invited everyone in his class for a party, but not a single person came. He repeatedly asked his Mom, ‘When will my friends get here?’

His mother, Ashlee, was absolutely heart broken and took to Facebook to rant.

“Seeing the look on his face killed me inside,” says Ashlee to local news.

She made the following post to Facebook:
didnt show

Much to Ashlee’s surprise, the response she received on Facebook was very unexpected.

Watch the following video to find out what happened.


It turns out that her Facebook post turned Glenn’s birthday into one he’d never forget.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you have been as brave as Ashlee in sharing her story on Facebook? I applaud Ashlee for her bravery!

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