Neil Diamond Has Fans In Tears With Heart-Warming Original Song That’s Perfect For Christmas

In the mid-1960s, a young man named Neil Diamond swept onto the music scene writing and singing an array of hit songs that had the ladies swooning. In 1967, he gained fame for having written the Monkees’ huge hit “I’m a Believer.”

Fast forward 50 years and this artist is still going strong, writing and recording songs that tug at the heartstrings. In the 1970s, he was one of the best selling performers and today, he releases hits that really resonate with his fans.

One of his latest pieces titled “Christmas Prayers” has received rave reviews from fans both young and old. Throughout his career, he has drawn a legion of follows spanning many generations.

His devoted fan base saw him through the ’80s and ’90s when he was rediscovered by another batch of retro-loving pop music fans. Sporting event fans get a kick out of whenever his song “Sweet Caroline” plays loud and proud.

“Christmas Prayers” is an incredibly heartfelt and meaningful song that reminisces holidays’ past and loved ones no longer around. His song also celebrates those still with us today.

“You’re in my Christmas prayers and in my Christmas dreams. In every Christmas story told, in every song I sing. When I hear people laugh and I see children play reminds me of that photograph of us on Christmas day. I see you standing there smiling down on me as I untie the gifts that lie beneath our Christmas tree and every Christmas day.”

The video starts out showing framed photos of loved ones sitting atop a piano, then pans to Neil as he clutches the microphone and begins to sing in that familiar voice so many fans know and love. He stands near the Christmas tree with lighted garland draping the walls and a row of guitars behind him.

He’s accompanied by an assortment of instrumentalists seated in a semi-circle around him. This song happens to be on his Christmas album, but also can be heard in the video below.

“Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Father’s, Mother’s, Friend’s I’ve loved dear Sister’s, Brother’s, Son’s and daughter’s, I once played with; Aunt’s and Uncle’s I once stayed with their story will be told. As long as love recalls those loved one’s smiling down on me. The greatest gift of all will be forever there. It’s Christmas up in Heaven, too, with love beyond compare.”

Christmas is a joyful time, but it also can be a bit sorrowful when reflecting upon Christmases past and the loved ones that have come and gone. But Neil’s beautiful song pays tribute to them and helps us all remember that they’ll always be with us, “in my Christmas prayers.”


Listen to Neil’s wonderfully sentimental song in the video below. You’ll love it!


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