Mother Of 3 Gets “Trapped” Inside Her Own Mind Before A Miraculous Recovery

A Utah mother of three was nursing her 1-month old baby when she unexpectedly collapsed. By the next night, Nissa Smith could neither talk or move, even though she knew what she wanted to say and do. Nissa fell into what is known as locked-in syndrome, a horrific condition which commonly results from a stroke that damages the brain-stem.

While Nissa lay lifeless in a hospital bed, she was brain-dead but still fully conscious and aware of her surroundings. Doctors did not expect her to recover and suggested that the family members say goodbye and let her pass peacefully. That’s when one nurse saw a spark in Nissa’s eyes that told her she was still in there. “If you can hear me, close your eyes twice,” the nurse said to Nissa. Nissa closed her eyes twice slowly.

Within hours, the nurses and family members were communicating with Nissa by blinking their eyes. Nissa was beginning to feel hope again and slowly from her prison she has been trapped in. Wait until you see her today, what a survivor!

Though she still speaks and walks with some difficulty, her unexpected recovery continues to baffle the professionals. Thanks to one observant nurse, Nissa is back at home being a mother to her three daughters.

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