Mom Sends Her Horses Out In The Snow. Their Comeback Has The Internet In Laughter

As the East Coast takes a battering of cold weather and snowstorms, many pets are forced to stay inside and endure the chilly temperatures with their owners. This is no different for horses who are stuck in their stables for days on end!

But when one owner decided to let her horses out to play in the snow, she had no idea that they would react like this…

Even though most horses love playing in the snow, these two are not huge fans of the white fluffy stuff. Thankfully, there are several interesting changes that happen to horses to keep them warm when the temperature drops.

The Bangor Daily News explains that horses adapt well to cold weather for a few reasons. One thing that helps horses stay warm is the way their lustrous winter coat raises to keep their internal body temperature up and the cold air away.

Additionally, some owners may opt to place blankets (like you see on the horses here) on their backs to keep them nice and warm. While many horse owners choose to blanket their animals, others claim that it’s unnatural since wild horses are able to survive in nature even during heavy snowstorms.

In the end, it all comes down to the horse’s health and personal preference. These are precious and expensive creatures that need to be well taken care of particularly in adverse conditions.

Despite the fact that this owner covered her beloved horses in blankets, they’re not venturing out into the cold weather for anything! They take a few steps outside, feel the snow on their hooves and run back into the stable in perfect unison.

Mom can’t help but laugh out loud as her two “synchronized sissies” huddle together away from the snow. They want no part of the blustering winds and flying snow!

Take a peek at this silly moment for yourself in the video below. It’s clear these two are summer horses at heart!


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