Mom Cuts Up Soap And Brings It Out To Her Garden. What She Uses It For Is Brilliant! When pests invade your garden, all the hard work you’ve spent growing fruit and veggies goes to waste, or worse yet – in their bellies! However, these unique tricks may keep those critters out for good.

Birds Don’t Like It

Are the birds getting to your precious fruit before you do? If you hang some CDs from the branches, the sun will reflect light off the shiny side and keep the birds at bay! This great idea comes from the blog of Purple Chocolate Home.

They Dislike Strong Odors

Garlic and onions work to keep pests away in the same way they keep humans at arms length! The aroma coming from “companion plants” such as garlic can chase away bean beetles and potato bugs. Harvest To Table has an awesome chart of companion plant pairings that can keep your vegetable garden thriving!

Deer Deterrent

Use Irish Spring bar soap to keep deer from treading into your garden paradise. They don’t like the taste or smell! Check out Curbly for a neat trick on how to insert the soap into the soil.

Let Them Eat Cornmeal

Both plants and animals can create their own versions of garden pests. A sprinkling of cornmeal can do double duty by getting rid of weeds and ants at the same time! Screenshot via YouTube

Trap Them With Milk

Make a physical trap for slugs by sticking a small container filled with milk into the soil. Once the slugs have it in their sight, they’ll crawl right into the trap, but they won’t be able to crawl back out! Find out more from The Cottage Smallholder.

Tempt Them With Food

Lure ladybugs into your garden with a free snack of raisins and sticks. Once they know there’s food to be had, they’ll stick around and snack on pests such as aphids!

Give Them Eggshells

Ouch! Some critters such as slugs and snails don’t like sliding over the sharp edges of broken eggshells. Pest problem solved! Head on over to The Thrifty Couple‘s blog fore more details.

Sticky Traps

Pests may be attracted to the the sticky sweetness on the outside of this cup, but they are goners once they get stuck! Find out more on how to set this trap over at Jim Long’s Gardenblog.

Creative Solutions

These creative solutions may help garden pests realize that your garden is not their garden! From yucky odors to sharp edges, there’s a way to keep every kind of critter out of your territory for good.