Man With Empty Stroller At Park Thinks No One Is Watching Only Jogger Snaps Picture Showing The Truth

When you spot a baby stroller at the park, there’s usually a doting mother at the helm, pushing her wee little one around the beautiful outdoor greenery. This innocent scene is so common that no one really gives it a second thought. But, what would you do if you saw a stroller that had no baby inside, and a strange man was bending over it? When digital producer Doug Delony was jogging in Houston’s Discovery Green park, he was intrigued by the empty baby carriage, and went over to get a closer look. He quickly realized what the man was really up to and immediately took a picture. What the man was doing was just not normal! The photo has gone viral, but the reason why may surprise you.
Doug Delony loves to go for a brisk run in the afternoon, and the Discovery Green park in Houston, Texas is his favorite hangout. One afternoon, he noticed a man kneeling down next to an empty baby stroller. But, it was what he was kneeling over that caught Doug’s attention. He snapped a photo of the scene and posted it on Facebook. Doug never expected that the photo would be shared hundreds of thousands of times. The man in the picture didn’t even know that he had been caught in the act, and now everyone on the Internet knows what he did. After Doug’s bosses at CBS-affiliated television station KHOU found out about the viral photo, they demanded that it be investigated further. People wanted to know more about the mysterious man with the baby-less stroller, and KHOU wanted the exclusive story! The man in question lives in a 10th floor apartment across the street from the park. But, Troy Griffin is far from being a creep…
After Doug snapped the random photo on his cell phone, he made sure to explain exactly what he saw that day in the park on his Doug Delony KHOU Facebook page:
“Most afternoons I take a run through Discovery Green, and most afternoons I see this guy with a stroller but no baby. He brings this beautiful… what appears to be… disabled pup to the park. He lets it sit in the grass and take in the smell and the sound. Here he is giving it water out of a small cup he brings with him. An adorable dog and a nice guy- God bless ’em.”
Lots of dog owners take their pups to the park, but sadly, Troy’s aging Sheltie can no longer walk on his own due to arthritis. Troy doesn’t want his pooch to miss out on all the fun of being outside, so he uses a baby stroller to give Max some much needed mobility. Max just comes alive when he’s outside! Edie Mayo, Troy’s wife, explains that 16-year-old Max is part of the family. They’ve had him since he was 3 weeks old, and Edie wouldn’t know what she’d do without her adorable fur baby. This heroic pooch even warned them of a tornado at their former home. Even in his old age, he’s a keeper! He told KHOU:
“He’s part of our family. He’s my best friend. He’s taught me life lessons that I will never forget.”
Sadly, the doggy is blind in one eye and has a cataract in the other. Max is the equivalent of 112-years-old in human years, so it’s no surprise that he’s racked up a lot of medial issues. Despite his problems, Max is living it up in a penthouse-like apartment, and he even has a large corner to himself that’s filled with tons of toys! Edie and Troy aren’t going to give up on their pooch just because he’s elderly. The baby stroller proves just how far they’ll go to make sure he gets all the love and attention he needs. Edie told KHOU:
“But I don’t think you should just turn your back on someone just because they’re elderly. I think they deserve our love and our care and our attention. And there is so much we can learn from them even as they get older.”
The couple firmly believe that even though Max is getting up there in age, he’s not depressed and he’s very much a very happy doggy. Max has taught the couple a very important life lesson – that we should treat all the elderly in our lives with respect, and make sure they feel happy and loved at all times.