Man Reunites With Baby He Found In The Woods In 1955

Dave Hickman was only 14 years old when he earned the label of hero.

While out hunting with his Grandfather in the woods way back in 1955, Hickman began hearing strange sounds coming from nearby; when he investigated to find the source of the noise, he discovered something that would change his life forever.

What he found was a baby girl, soaking wet and trapped in the weeds. After helping to nurse the infant back to health, Hickman would hold her one last time before she was adopted by a loving family.

Decades would roll by, but the thought of the little baby girl never left him, until he began searching for her in the 70’s. Finally, some 58 years later, he received the news he had been waiting for years to hear – she had been found! Renamed Mary Ellen by her loving parents, like her rescuer, she never stopped wondering what happened to the little boy who saved her. Watch the touching reunion below, and let us know in the comment section below your thoughts on this beautiful reunion.

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