A Man Punches an 8 Year Old Boy in the Face And Robs Him. What Happened Next Made My Jaw Drop!

While an 8 year old boy was leaving daycare with his Aunt, a man approaches the boy, punches him in the face and steals his iPad. A good Samaritan heard what happened, and took off in pursuit of the criminal, and follows him for 1/2 mile. What started out as a horrific crime, ends up with a fairly good ending. The world needs more brave people like Mohammad Armeli.

A man is facing felony charges for the theft of an iPad — but it’s not the device itself that makes the accusations so serious. It’s how he allegedly got it.

Aaron Wayne Stillday, 32, is accused of punching an 8-year-old boy in the face on a Minneapolis street, knocking the child down, grabbing the iPad and running off in a scene that was caught on tape, police say.

But Stillday didn’t get very far.

I kept running after him,” Mohammad Armeli told KARE 11 News.

Armeli says he heard the commotion, called police and chased the suspect for half a mile. Stillday was then caught by police and arrested.

This is the scum of the earth,” Armeli told WCCO. “You cannot hit a child like that. Don’t hit him for his iPad, or for anything.”

The boy had been leaving a day care with his aunt when he was attacked. He was not seriously injured, but the iPad wasn’t so lucky. It was smashed in the scuffle.

One silver lining… WCCO says the local Apple Store replaced the boy’s device.

Stillday has been charged with felony first-degree aggravated robbery, and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, KMSP-TV reports.

Source: Huffington Post