Man Builds “Glitter Bomb” And Gets Last Laugh Filming Package Thieves Getting What They Deserve

We now live in a day and age where stealing from your neighbors doesn’t have to involve any sneaky breaking and entering. That’s because delivery drivers will often leave packages of goodies right on people’s doorsteps, and anyone can just walk up and grab it! While most folks would never consider taking what isn’t theirs, there are obviously others out there who thrive on such immoral actions.

When Mark Rober’s security camera caught one neighborhood robber after another taking off with the Amazon packages that were left on his porch. So, the very skilled engineer, who helped build the Mars rover, spent the next six months plotting sweet, sweet revenge. And of course being the pro that he is, Mark was able to catch every hilarious moment on film for all the world to see!

In his viral video that has now been viewed by over 25 million fans, Mark explained that although he did the right thing and reported the crime to his local police department, he was informed that they just didn’t have enough resources to investigate the incident. He had already done all the heavy lifting by capturing the package bandits on video, but even that wasn’t good enough.

Not to be thwarted, Mark decided to take the law into his own hands and teach the package bandits a cheeky lesson they would never, ever forget. He didn’t go full vigilante on them, but in Mark’s world, sins are punishable not by harsh prison sentences, but with glitter bombs and time-delayed fart sprays!

Admittedly, there are some kids and probably even some grown-ups out there who would squeal with excitement at the thought of getting glitter-bombed, but these thieves weren’t quite so exuberant when they suddenly found themselves covered in one-pound layer of fairy dust.

Mark built a fake Amazon package that included not one, but four different Internet cameras to capture every angle possible, and a GPS to track its location. He put a pound of glitter inside that was set to go off like a bomb, but just to make the humiliation that much worse, Mark also decided to load the box with fart spray that was designed emit a noxious-smelling gas in 30-second intervals.

It wasn’t difficult for Mark’s extravagant creation to find a new home. In a nod to pop culture fans, he even put a fake return address on the box with the names and locations of the original “Home Alone” movie.

Just like clockwork, when thieves spotted a lonely-looking package on his doorstep, they walked right up and took the bait. What happened next is pure comedic magic! Mark’s final warning to folks is this: never, ever steal his packages!

When thieves open up this Amazon package all they find inside is sweet, glittery revenge.