Man Builds 58 Crosses For Las Vegas, Weeks Later He’s Left In Tears Over Unexpected News

In 20 years, Greg Zanis has constructed over 14,000 crosses for victims and their families. He’s a carpenter by trade, and like another poor carpenter that we all know, Greg’s mission is one of peace and kindness. He will create a cross for anyone, anywhere – all they have to do is ask. His non-profit organization, Crosses For Losses, partially funds these tiny memorials, but most of it comes out of his own pocket.
With the help of a GoFundme campaign, Greg was able to place 58 crosses behind the infamous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, in remembrance of the beautiful souls who once graced our lives with their presence. The crosses serve as a place of gathering and healing, but more importantly, it gives hope to so many.

People who visit his crosses are both stunned and moved by Greg’s generosity and kindness. On FOX5 Las Vegas, an anonymous man commented:

“The gentleman who did this, what a great idea. It brings out the best in the rest of us.”

Greg’s crosses have traveled all over the country in his little white pickup truck, but he doesn’t always gets the help he needs. Although he’s been blessed with the riches of a having a kind soul, selflessness doesn’t pay the bills, and he’s not exactly financially well off.

Greg’s policy of making a cross for anyone and everyone is taking a toll. He can’t even keep spare crosses in his garage – every time he goes on a trip, people come to his house to grab one. Greg’s daughter, Maria Raibley, told FOX5:

“I personally asked my dad to stop the crosses, because my parents do not have the means to do this. My family doesn’t have a lot of money. I mean, like, we get food from the food pantry.”

Greg has been driving the same pickup truck for over 20 years, and it’s badly in need of repairs. At one point, the tailgate broke off, spilling the contents out into the street.

Although Greg doesn’t call Las Vegas home, the local community wanted to give back to him for all that he has done.  So, the FOX5 Surprise Squad did their usual sneaky thing, and stunned Greg with a few sweet somethings during a live interview.

With his daughter by his side, he could barely mumble through his tears of joy:

“All these years doing this by myself…”

Wow, I’m speechless. Not only has this generous man found his true purpose in life, but everyone else around him is now supporting him in his inspiring journey, too.

Watch the video below to see all the happy surprises that are in store for Greg.


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