They Look Like An Ordinary Elderly Couple. Now Watch What Happens When He Drops Her Hand… Amazing!

Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee have been dance partners for close to 30 years, and when you watch them work their magic it’s clear they were meant to be partners. Since 1981, they’ve competed in over 300 competitions together, going undefeated for a dozen years. They won the National Shag Dance overall competition nine out of its first 10 years, and were the only couple who won the title for seven consecutive years. Despite being in their 60s, they can still out boogie the younger folks.

In the following clip, Charlie and Jackie impress the crowd — and on the internet — with their shag routine at ShagAtlanta 2013 ACSC’s Summer Workshop. Dancing to the tune “Be Myself Again” by Eric Benet, the couple are so fluid in their movements, it’s captivating to watch. They have a way of pulling off a routine that’s both fun and classy, with just the right touch of sexiness.

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