Little Girl Struggles To Break Board Has Comical Solution No One Will Ever Forget

Sometimes, we just can’t get the hang of things no matter how hard we try! Such was the case for a sweet little girl during her very first Taekwondo lesson. Her instructor tried over and over again to get her to break a wooden plank with her foot – but the little one didn’t quite understand the process.

Try as she might, she just couldn’t manage the feat of crushing the board!

The hilarity that followed is something that will bring a smile to your face and happiness to your heart! There’s a reason why so many people have tuned in to watch her silly lesson in such a short amount of time…

The very first lesson her Taekwondo career was to break a thin wooden board only using the power of her foot. Sounds simple enough to most of us – but the concept was too much for this sweet girl. She stomped on the ground, pointed to board and mimicked her instructions movements, except when it came to actually crushing the plank.

The instructor couldn’t keep her laughter in and eventually enlisted the help of three other Taekwondo masters.

Even with the help of the other instructors, the little girl was baffled by the idea of breaking the wood with her foot! After several minutes of all four teachers trying their best, they eventually just lifted her up and placed her on the board. The girl’s weight was enough to snap the wood and everyone erupted with applause and laughter.

She finally did it!

Even the girl’s father was in hysterics by the end of the clip! While Taekwondo might not be her strong suit, this little girl definitely has a career in entertainment!

Take a peek at this little one’s hilarious attempt to break the board below. We’re so glad she finally got it!


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