Large Man Grabs Her Hand To Dance, But It's His Next Move That Has The Internet Cheering.

Just because someone is a little bigger doesn’t mean they can’t dance with all of the grace in the world. No one proves this better than world-renowned dancer John Lindo.
Despite the fact that John doesn’t necessarily look like the typical professional dancer, his moves have everyone shocked! His gracefulness is impeccable and surprising to those who have never seen him in motion before.

John’s secret passion for dance started when he was a child and continued into adulthood. In 1992, he finally stepped out in public and started country-western dance classes.
John was a natural and quickly progressed to several different types of dance! Not only has John won prestigious awards like the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals and Phoenix Champion of Champions, but he also has decided to spread his talent to his adoring fans.

John is sought out by students all over the globe for his fun, inclusive dance classes. This was the life he always dreamed of and he gets to live it every single day!

So when John and his partner, Deborah Szekely, stepped onto the North Atlantic Dance Championship stage, they were nervous but ready to show the judges what they’ve got! As soon as the music started to bump over the loudspeakers, the pair jump into action.

They swung, shimmied and slid across the dance floor with ease. Even though most people couldn’t imagine a man of John’s stature dancing like a professional, he was ready to prove them all wrong.
The expressions flitting across John’s face while he’s dancing are heartwarming. It’s truly wonderful to see someone thoroughly immerse himself in something he’s so passionate about.

Watch their breathtaking routine for yourself in the video below. John is living proof that rhythm can live in your soul no matter your size!