Kind Officer Gives Homeless Man His Personal Bible


When Deputy Matt Holman of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office first saw Robert Morris walking down the road at nighttime, his training kicked in. But after speaking with Robert, the officer found out that he had the chance to really help the struggling homeless man.

Deputy Holman asked Robert why he was living on the streets and fighting to stay alive, and he answered honestly. Robert explained that he turned to drugs and alcohol after he lost several members of his family members and he was walking the street because his one Earthly possession, his tent, had washed away during a storm.

The addiction he was suffering from made it impossible to maintain a healthy relationship with his siblings that were still alive and Robert just didn’t know where else to turn. So Deputy Holman rummaged in his car for his spare Bible, which was somehow missing. Without hesitation, the kind deputy handed over his personal Bible, filled with his special notes and inscriptions. Then after a hot meal and a long talk, the two parted ways. That’s until Deputy Holman got a powerful voicemail message!

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