Judge Sentences Mom For Parking Violation, Then Does THIS Instead When Daughter Says She’s Starving

Judge Frank Caprio isn’t just about upholding the law, he is also fair and just when presiding over a case, and takes into consideration a person’s circumstances. Even when someone is wrong and violates the law, he takes into consideration that we are all human, and that we all eventually make mistakes.

In this case, a mom stands before Judge Caprio with her two daughters because she failed to pay a $100 parking ticket.

Unexpectedly he calls her daughter up to the bench, asking her questions about herself and what she wants to be when she grows up.

The most memorable moment during the trial is when the little girl is asked to help sentence her own mother. When she tells how she’s hungry after spending the morning in court, this admirable Judge knows JUST how to fine the mom.

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