Josh Turner’s Duet With Nonverbal Autistic Boy Forces Tears To Run Down Everyone’s Face

There’s something about music that can unite people. Folks from different backgrounds, lifestyles, orientations, and races come together to listen to artwork crafted specifically for their ears – and there’s nothing more beautiful. This healing nature of music is exactly what was on display during a Josh Turner concert. The down-home country singer heard of a very special guest in the audience and did something incredible to make his night. We’re just glad someone thought to share the clip of Josh’s kind actions online so we could see!

Logan Blade has autism so severe that it makes communication nearly impossible. He needs around-the-clock supervision and struggles to vocalize his needs. But when he heard Josh was coming into town, the sweet boy dropped everything. The artist’s impressive music was a place of solace during overwhelming times and a fun voice to bop to on good days. Despite his serious communication issues, everything changes for Logan when he sings. It’s like the world melts away and he’s able to be comfortable no matter the size of the crowd. Somehow, Josh discovered Logan’s favorite song is ‘The Long Black Train’ (one of his own) and knew he had to do something him.

The singer leaned into the microphone with a smile on his face and asked Logan to sing ‘The Long Black Train’ with onstage with him. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and Logan couldn’t believe it was happening in real life! Thankfully, he was able to let his nerves go, relax and belt the words alongside his idol. Watch what happens when Logan is invited to sing onstage with Josh below! It was so cool for Josh to go above and beyond for Logan, especially during a sold-out show.