Jordan Smith’s Stunning Performance Of “Hallelujah” On The Voice

Jordan Smith’s cover of “Hallelujah” has quickly become a favorite after his wonderful performance on The Voice. It has risen to second place on iTunes as not only is this song a favorite among many, but Jordan’s version is especially stunning. Jordan has a unique voice and grew up in a musical family. His father is a professional pianist and his mother a singer. Over the years Jordan has had self-esteem issues sometimes feeling it is hard to fit in, but his success on The Voice has shown it’s ok to be yourself, even if it doesn’t necessarily fit into the mold of what others expect.

The judges all had high praise for Jordan’s performance saying his singing is effortless and that his voice astonishes them every time. Adam Levine even said he got chills watching just the rehearsal footage of Jordan’s performance. He certainly is a very talented singer and it’s no wonder he is a crowd favorite with this beautiful performance.

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