Jeopardy Host’s comment to an African-American Student may have cost him his job. This video has caused an uproar like no other!

During a recent episode of “Jeopardy” featuring college students, the category was “Student Aid.” Host Alex Trebek laughed as he read one of the clues, telling the African-American player, “you better get it [right].”

Incidentally, the clue was: “This group gives scholarships to minority students and financial support to 37 historically black colleges and universities.”

A couple of questions: Was Alex Trebek wrong to assume that Kanisha would know the answer simply because she’s black? Have we reached a point where – as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said earlier this week – America has become too race-conscious? Or, is this much ado about nothing?

Do you think Alex Trebek’s comment was racist? Please comment below, we’d love to hear your thinking.