It Appears To Be A Stunning Wedding Dress Until The Internet Finds Out Truth About Dress

The perfect wedding dress is something that every bride-to-be longs for. One fact that every bride can agree on is that everyone has unique tastes when it comes to their ideal gown.

Lucky for all the brides out there, the possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding fashions. Yet, just when you think you’ve seen it all – well, you probably haven’t!

Although this particular gown is stunningly gorgeous, that’s not the reason why it has the Internet drooling at the mouth.

This wedding dress has gone viral for a very special reason. Can you spot it?

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are certain things that no wedding can be without. The two things that most brides tend to be pickiest about are her dress, and the wedding cake. Oh yeah, and the groom, too! But, that’s something she has hopefully figured out beforehand.

To help inspire new brides in the decision-making process, Emma Jayne Cake Design decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a delicious dress.

Yes, that’s right – I said delicious! As in, lip-smacking, satisfy your sweet tooth delicious! There is now such a thing as a wedding cake dress.

Brilliant Emma Jayne Morris is the woman behind the wedding cake dress that has piqued the interest of those rare folks who have been blessed with both a sweet tooth, and an eye for high couture fashion.

Emma Jayne took her inspiration from Filipino fashion designer Mak Tumang’s intricate “Angela” gown. Of course, under normal circumstances it would be quite illegal to copycat a dress and sell it on the market with a fake Mak Tumang label.

However, it’s hard to argue against an edible version of a dress that doesn’t last very long. It also doesn’t leave much evidence behind… except perhaps a few tasty crumbs on the floor, and a bunch of guilty grins on people’s faces!

But, don’t place a special order for this cake-dress just yet!

While most brides would love to slip this beautiful gown over their heads and try it on for size, this sweet confection isn’t actually very wearable.

At six feet tall, not many women could pull off wearing such a gown. Plus, all of that frosting wouldn’t fare very well next to human body heat!

It also weighs a lot more than it looks. Emma Jayne used 132 pounds of fondant to create the dress, and 110 pounds of modeling paste to make the flowers.

All said and done, it took her 10 days to make the dress, which for practical reasons, she did right inside her own home. That’s only because her front doors were wide enough to accommodate the dress when it would be time to move it.

In fact, it’s so large that it took a group of six people to lift it over her garden’s gate! Thankfully all of her hard work didn’t topple over onto an unsuspecting garden gnome.

Emma Jayne originally created this edible art to show off at London’s Cake International, which is a trade show that gives super talented bakers the opportunity to show off their sugar-laden creations.

“We were asked to choose a wedding dress designer and make a cake based on one of the wedding dresses. I was asked to make the only life-size wedding dress and chose Mak Tumang as his designs stopped me in my tracks. They are simply incredible.”

Designer Mak Tumang actually made an appearance at the trade show and posed for a photo next to Emma Jayne and her yummy gown.

He didn’t seem too upset that his dress was now making headlines under another designer’s name. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The fact that this wedding dress won’t ever see a real wedding hasn’t stopped people from oohing and aahing over this lush eye candy!

The details in this gown are absolutely impeccable. Emma Jayne has a keen eye and this piece is a true replica of the original.

The main color is a muted bluish-grey, but the delicately crafted 3-D applique petals are likely the first thing to grab people’s attention. These soft pink beauties are absolutely exquisite!

Of course, every wedding dress needs a little bit of bling, and this one is flecked with a generous sprinkling of opal and Preciosa crystal beading, which only adds to its appeal.

What an extravagant visual treat! Let’s hope no one actually slices up this cake masterpiece.

Wow, I can’t believe how incredible this wedding dress cake is! Don’t feel bad if you’re tempted to pick off one of those flowers and pop it into your mouth – I’m right there with you!