Incredible Vet Eats Breakfast With A Neglected Pit Bull


Finding the right vet for your pet can be a very tough task. You want someone who is smart enough to know how to handle every situation, yet gentle enough to keep you and your precious furry friend at ease. If you know any veterinarians in your personal life, then you are more than aware that it’s anything but an easy job. Dealing with injured animals and picky owners can be a pain, but the toughest part of the job is taking in and rehabilitating neglected and abused animals.

Dr. Andy Mathis knows this all too well. At his practice in Elberton, Georgia, he sees battered animals on a regular basis. But the love he showed to one special pit bull has been spreading across the Internet like wildfire. The dog was brought in to Dr. Mathis after being found starving and alone on a dirt road. When he examined her, the vet was shocked to see how horrific the pit bull’s injuries truly were.

Dr. Mathis then went on Facebook to explain the situation. He said, “I had 2 choices, I can put her to sleep. Or try to save her. So I asked the universe … also known as Facebook … and the universe said ‘Try.’ The universe even named her as they said, ‘we hate the thought that any pet gets sent to rainbow bridge or passes away without a name,’ so they christened her Graycie Clair. Spelled with a Y for her gray coloring.”

One of the toughest parts of the rehabilitation effort was getting Graycie Clair to eat. After some unsuccessful attempts, Dr. Mathis finally figured out how to reach her. One morning, he brought his breakfast inside Graycie’s cage to eat with her. His humbleness and affection not only touched the dog, but also everyone who has seen this story.

Wait until you see Graycie react to her savior’s incredible gesture. Will she eat her breakfast with him? Watch the video below, and please SHARE these touching moments with your friends on Facebook!


Granite Hills Animal Care

Dr. Mathis knew he had two choices — he could either put her to sleep or try to save her. Though the odds were stacked against her, he chose the latter.


Granite Hills Animal Care


Graycie improved every day. She began gaining weight and eating better. She became more alert and her gums returned to normal color. Graycie is a miracle.


Granite Hills Animal Care

She needs more time to heal physically and emotionally, but Dr. Mathis looks forward to the day Graycie is ready to be adopted into a forever home. In the meantime, she’s in wonderful hands.


Granite Hills Animal Care

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