Incredible Roller Skating Dance Routine


Feng Hui, a 12-year-old girl from China, competed at the 2011 World Artistic and Freestyle Roller Skating Grand Prix in Shanghai. She skates to the center of the floor with a calm confidence, and her friends are already cheering her on. This young girl dances to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and she really keeps up with the beat.

As the music begins she nods her head to it then does some simple dancing, already impressive in roller skates. But then she tosses her hat aside and starts skating among the cones in an unbelievably smooth motion. None of the cones are touched as she spins around and through them.

Next she moves to a row of cones that appear to be placed even closer together, and she still flows between them. Her speed and balance is truly amazing. Feng Hui’s talent brings loud applause from the audience and she also seems happy with what she accomplished.

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