High School Choir Turns Backs On Audience Only To Spin Around And Knock Everyone Over With Laughter

We all know the theme song to The Lone Rangers like the back of our hand. The racing bassline and the orchestral music behind the William Tell Overture is one of the most identifiable pieces of music ever released. But when the students of Timpanogos High School tried their hand at performing a traditional opera version of the piece, things got a little comical. Instead of sticking with a stuffy rendition similar to those we’ve seen in the past, the students decided to add a little flare to it! What they were able to do had the audience rolling around in their seats with laughter…

While we all know the thumping beat of the William Tell Overture, not many know the song’s rich history. This overture is part of the William Tell opera, initially composed by Gioachino Rossini in the early 1800s. The show premiered in 1829 and was the final opera of Rossini’s illustrious career. He later turned his attention to religious and sacred music during his semi-retirement. Rossini’s overture quickly gained recognition in the musical community – and now it’s used across different industries, projects, songs, and countless other artistic applications!

The song’s quickly identifiable nature is one of the reasons these students took a whack at it! They were able to perform a high-quality version of the piece while infusing a bit of laughter. Take a peek at this hilarious rendition of the William Tell Overture in the video below. Without having to utter a punchline, the students of Timpanogos High School were able to make us all laugh out loud! We know these kids will follow their passion for music and fun for the rest of their lives.