HGTV’s The Scott Brothers Sing ‘Hold On’

From HGTV’s Property Brothers to musical heartthrobs, twin brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott have no shortage of talent. Now known as “The Scott Brothers,” the two of them have started their own country music together and have blown us all away from the very start with this new song ‘Hold On’. With their warm tones and rich harmonies, they sing outdoors about loved ones returning home to each other, and from this video you will find such happiness when seeing that come to life.

When the two of them started their own home show on HGTV, there was no question they work great together seeing how much fun and creativity they brought to the table. Now that they have begun their music career, it really only makes sense. Not only do they value family, as clearly sung in their beautiful lyrics, they have supported each other throughout their lives which is encouraging to watch.

With their contagious smiles, and hardworking reputation, you can’t help but watch them sing with a sense of joy. No matter where you’re at in life, it’s never too late to chase your dreams, and these two have inspired so many with their new music career showing us just that.

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