Her Mother Was Dying. What She Does Next? Remarkable!

Rhema Marvanne began singing when she learned to talk, and she hasn’t stopped since. This beautiful little girl has a voice that’s larger than life and so powerful it’s guaranteed to move you, but it’s where Rhema gets her inspiration from that will really tug at your heartstrings.

When Rhema was only 4 years old, her mother Wendi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Instead of shielding Rhema from her mother’s pain and suffering, her father included her in hospital visits, knowing that Wendi felt strength from her presence, and vice versa.

After Rhema’s mother passed away in 2008, she felt a calling to pursue Gospel singing. With help from her father, Teton, Rhema has recorded number of successful gospel and non-secular songs, which she says are inspired by her late mother. Instead of taking this experience and letting it throw her into the depths of despair, Rhema and her family are using it to honor their beloved, and lift themselves, and others, up. Truly incredible.

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