Her Mom Is Pregnant In Her 50’s, But That’s Not The Most Unusual Part.

Emily Jordan and her family share with us the events that took place after Jordan was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and then later discovered that she was pregnant. Undoubtedly, the news shocked Emily and her husband,  as they were forced to make a decision about their baby. With the cancer treatments Emily was about to undergo, they knew her chances of delivering a baby looked grim. After sharing this news with her mother Cindy Reutzel, the discussion took an incredible turn. Reutzel offered to be a surrogate for her daughter’s baby, and after much deliberation, Jordan and her husband accepted.

This story gives me a new perspective on the meaning of family. It’s remarkable that Reutzel who’s in her 50’s didn’t let age or any other factor get in the way of her loving and caring for her family. Watch the video and share your thoughts on this story in the comments section below!

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