Hailey Owens: Westboro Baptist Church plans hate for murdered girl’s memorial

There are so many things wrong with Westboro Baptist Church on so many levels. First, there is nothing “Biblical” or “Christian” about anything this pseudo-Christian-hate-group/cult does, says, pickets or protests. There is no Biblical foundation for their “God hates fags” message, nor is the belief that God is sending insane people, terrorists, pedophiles or psychopaths to execute God’s will on the earth theologically sound. In fact, the only way one could reason on the basis of Bible scripture that “God” was the one sending murderers like Craig Michael Wood to kidnap, torture and murder an innocent 10-year-old girl, is if one were to reason that Westboro Baptist’s “God” were not in fact the same Judeo-Christian God of the Bible they claim to defend, but rather Satan. Even then, you would have a host of Satanists come forward to say they do not condone violence, and especially violence towards children. No matter how you slice it, Westboro Baptist Church is not only wrong, but propagates a message shunned by most religions. Now, Westboro Baptist Church plans to bring their line of hatred to Hailey Owens candlelight march and memorial service.a8dab6e14e9a5fa16fe6394632a47a6f

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Westboro Baptist Church released the following tweet through Twitter on Feb. 20, 2014, “God sent the shooter! The 10-year-old girl – murdered by the football coach in Springfield, MO. The people are reaping what Missouri sowed!” It is a shame that anyone, even if it were just one or two people, would believe such fallacy and attribute such evil thinking to the Judeo-Christian faith or attributes of the Biblical God, but without looking at religion and just assessing the depraved type of mind that would even utter a statement leaves one chilled.

Hailey Owens Case: Twitter updates and Videos

How anyone can possibly think there was some divine plan associated with the evil act of Hailey Owens’ murder is beyond comprehension. Hailey Owens was murdered because one man allegedly exercised his free will, kidnapped her, took her to his home, tortured her then killed her. Craig Wood faces kidnapping charges, first-degree murder charges and armed, criminal intent. He is the one who will stand before a jury of his peers to account for his actions and it has nothing to do with the sins of Missouri.

Craig Michael While there seems to be little that can be done to stop Westboro Baptist Church from spreading their hate, as courts continue to rule in their favor on the grounds of free speech and freedom of religion, those planning to attend Hailey Owens’ memorial service aren’t going to let Westboro Baptist Church be the main attraction.

Hailey Owens’ murder has resulted in several nationwide movements where grieving communities have come together to honor and remember the sweet little girl whose life was violently stolen from her by the alleged depraved actions of a public school, substitute teacher and football coach: Craig Michael Wood.

There is the “Porch Lights for Hailey Owens” movement where people put their porch lights on at 7 pm, and folks nationwide are wearing pink and purple on Friday,

February 21, 2014, in remembrance of the murdered 10-year-old girl. The memorial that Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest/picket is the “Candlelight March in

Memory of Hailey Owens.” The memorial march will take place on Commercial St. in Springfield, Missouri, Saturday, February 22, 2014, and begins at 8 pm, CT. A

This photo was taken just before a March for Hailey. Click on it for a full view

This photo was taken just before a March for Hailey. Click on it for a full view

“Human Wall” to block Westboro Baptist Church will begin assembling on Commercial St. at 7 pm, CT. Some choose to wear “angel wings” to ensure that Westboro Baptist Church protesters are shielded from view.

Are you going to attend the “Candlelight March in Memory of Hailey Owens?” If so, are you going to participate in the human wall?

What do you think about Westboro Baptist Church’s heinous statements?

The crowd that turned out in to remember the life of Hailey

The crowd that turned out to remember the life of Hailey Owens. BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) kept WBC from any kind of rallying.